Cookies Policy


In order to improve user experience and performance, the OUTGLOBE TECHNOLOGY Website uses cookies.

What are they and what are they for?

Cookies are small text files that a Website, when visited, places on the user's computer or mobile device through the browser. The insertion of these cookies enables the Website to recognize the device the next time it is visited, thereby enabling faster and more efficient navigation and eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information.

The cookies used here do not collect information that identifies the user, containing only generic information, namely the way users enter and use the websites or, also, in which zone of the country or countries they access the site, etc. Effectively, the information retained is only related to user preferences.

How is Cookie Management performed?

At any time, the user can choose to be notified of the receipt of cookies by means of his browser, as well as partially or totally blocking his entry into the system (even if he has previously authorized it). To do this, you should consult the Browser Settings / Tools in the Privacy section. However, it is reported that the refusal to use cookies on the Website may result in the inability to access some of their areas or to receive personalized information.

What Cookies Are Used?

The cookies implemented in the Website of OUTGLOBE TECHNOLOGY can be of different typologies described below:

Essential Cookies - Allows you to navigate the Website and the use of your applications, such as accessing secure areas of the site through login. Without these cookies, services that require it cannot be provided.

Analytics Cookies - Analyze how users navigate the website and monitor the site's performance, allowing you to provide a high-quality experience by customizing the offer and quickly identifying and correcting any issues that arise. Specifically, performance cookies are used to find out which pages are most popular, which method of linking between pages is most effective, or to determine why some pages are receiving error messages. Based on the use of the Website, you may also use these cookies to highlight articles or services of the site that are thought to be of interest to users.

These cookies are used only for the purposes of statistical creation and analysis, without ever collecting personal information.

Functional Cookies - Allows reminding of user preferences. As an example, cookies avoid the need to enter the name each time the user accesses the Website. Functional cookies are also used to provide advanced services such as feedback. Briefly, feature cookies save your preferences for your website usage, so you do not need to reconfigure the site each time you visit.
Third-party cookies - Measure application success and third-party advertising effectiveness.
Advertising Cookies - Directs advertising according to the interests of each user, allowing you to limit the number of times the ad is displayed. These cookies help measure the effectiveness of advertising. However, they do not identify the user. The used cookies can be permanent or of session (of temporary character since they remain in the browser until the user leaves the Website).

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